An intensive part-time programme
over 18 months

Our Executive MBA is an intensive part-time programme that takes place over 18 months, meeting in a stimulating environment three consecutive days each month (residential sessions). The design promotes networking and an exchange of experiences in an exclusive group of high performers with extensive management experience. We are looking for participants from a variety of backgrounds and from a diverse range of business sectors to create a particular dynamic and provide a wide range of experiences.

We use the challenges you and your company are currently facing as a basis for our discussions, providing immediate benefits for you and your company!

For further information, please contact:
Henrik Lundgren, Director Executive MBA
Tony Åkesson, Director Executive MBA

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Class of 2017

Executive MBA EFL

The Executive MBA, Class of 2017, will start on September 15, 2015.  In addition to bringing together and refining the best features of the 14 programmes we have implemented successfully so far, we have added new elements to meet your demands as well as a few things we have learnt over the years to further enhance the programme.