“At Leading IMPACT, both Boxon and I will develop”

“Leading IMPACT has an exciting and interesting structure where you are challenged, develop and put in practice what you learn,” says Jimmy Björk, Sales Director /Key account at Boxon, who will start the program on October 7.

Tell us about your position as Sales Director /Key account at Boxon.
My position gives me global responsibility for ten customers, and I take a long-term approach to them in terms of both the relationship and business opportunities. Each customer has a customer-specific Boxon team where we work toward common goals in dialogue with the customer.

What qualities are important to succeed in your role?
I would say that being good at building relationships and being responsive are very important. These qualities make it easier to build a win-win situation with the customer. In turn, this makes it easier to plan joint strategies in both the short and long term.

You’re starting Leading IMPACT in October. What made you choose Leading IMPACT?
Most of all, it was my desire to develop as both a person and a leader. The decision then took root in dialogue with my employer, Boxon AB.

And why did you choose Leading IMPACT over other options?
Leading IMPACT has an interesting structure where both Boxon AB and I invest jointly. The IMPACT Challenge I bring in with me will lead to development for both Boxon and I. This is a really exciting and interesting structure where you are challenged, develop and put in practice what you learn throughout the Leading IMPACT program.

What are your expectations?
I have very high expectations for myself and for Leading IMPACT. I look forward to both sharing and learning from everyone’s IMPACT Challenge, which will be very inspiring. I also hope to develop and mature even more as a leader by working closely with program management, subject matter experts and impact coaches during the program, but also by learning from all the participants’ thoughts and reflections on what we will do together.

Please tell us about yourself and your background
I’m 47 years old and started at Boxon 17 years ago as an inside sales representative. Over the years, I have had various roles, which created a solid foundation and understanding for those around me. I love sports and played handball for many years before switching over to coaching. In total, I spent more than 20 years in the handball world, which made me into the team player I am to this day as a leader in Boxon.

Over its history, Boxon went from a local sawmill to a global packaging player. This journey of growth that has gone on for nearly a century contributed to the company’s current position with operations in seven countries and approximately SEK 1.3 billion in sales.

Boxon offers intelligent and innovative packaging concepts based on three individual parts: (1) packaging solutions, (2) labelling & traceability, and (3) automation & integration. These three parts can be used separately or combined into a comprehensive concept.