Successful change leadership

Change leadership is the ability to lead change and effectively drive change through your organization. This involves increasing engagement, mastering the art of identifying, understanding and lowering the level of resistance, and then using resources in the most efficient manner to bring the organization to a new desired state. This is based on an understanding of strategy and organizational culture along with the ability to manage structures and processes and to identify, communicate and build relationships with various stakeholders. 

Leading Change – Successful Change Leadership is for those looking to develop their vast expertise and ability to successfully drive change in their organization with a powerful combo of theory, current research and hands-on tips. The program is for those who are curious about exploring their approach to change and learning and want to find their comfort zone for navigating a continuous and utterly imperfect process.  

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Linda Jonasson Häll from VA SYD talks about Leading Change


Leading Change – Successful Change Leadership is founded on EFL’s IMPACT teaching method, under which you primarily learn based on your own real-life strategic challenges and develop tools tailored to you and your organization’s specific needs. The program will give you a major skills boost and show you the path to change leadership excellence by combining theory and current research with hands-on tips and advice to create a powerful combo. 

During the program, we will work on change theories at both the organizational and individual level, including: 
– Tichy’s different levels of change
– Blue Ocean Strategy
– Barriers to change
Maurer’s theories on resistance
Modus operandi – what needs to be in place for people to work through change 

We will also explore well-known theories, including:
– The Four Rooms of Change
Kotter’s 8-step change model
– The adaptation process 

All change takes place in a context not of implementation but of exploration. Change can be defined as working together in your organization to explore what needs to be done, where no one has the answers to the questions. 

During the program, we will help you adopt an exploratory approach to change – an approach where we develop a compass for you to navigate the imperfect change process based on you and your organization’s unique needs. The key is to not be afraid to try new things and to effectively learn from your mistakes along the way. 

We will also work on select parts of Pontus Bodelsson’s change leadership book:  Ledarskap för förändring: mina 79 bästa misstag och annat värdefullt. 


The program comprises a total of 9 full days divided across 3 modules each with 3 consecutive full days in residential session format. 

The residential sessions will feature lectures, workshops, case discussions and guest lecturers. We will focus on key areas and challenges the program participants face and then look at how theory and practice can help participants move their challenges one step closer to a solution. 

Leading Change – Successful Change Leadership is an elective module of Leading IMPACT – Executive Management and Leadership Program 


Leading Change – Successful Change Leadership gives you the mindset, skillset and toolbox to effectively, thoroughly and successfully exercise change leadership. We will cover everything from established theories, current research and new points of view to hands-on checklists and practical tips for low-hanging fruit – all to give you the best foundation for driving successful change processes. 

You will also work on developing your own exploratory approach to change and finding your leadership comfort zone and compass in that ongoing, sometimes messy, and imperfect process of fearlessly trying new things while effectively learning from your mistakes. 

During the program, you will have the opportunity to move a real-life change challenge in your organization forward towards a solution. 

The program team

At Leading Change, you get the sharpest combination of theoretical and solid practical perspectives to train you to be a better change leader and give you the tools and confidence to find your own exploratory approach to driving successful change processes.

At Leading Change you’ll meet:

Program manager: Nadja Sörgärde
Researcher at the School of Economics, Lund University

Nadja Sörgärde is a lecturer at the School of Economics at Lund University where she teaches organization and leadership. She has researched change processes within different types of organizations, with a focus on culture, identity and resistance. Her latest book is Managing Change in Organizations (2023, with Stefan Sveningsson). In addition to that, Nadja is a frequently engaged lecturer and is active in our management education Leading IMPACT – Executive Management & Leadership Program and our company-tailored educations.

Program manager: Thekla Schneede
Licensed psychologist

Thekla Schneede is a licensed psychologist who works with group and leadership development and supports organizations in change. Among other things, Thekla is active in our management education Leading IMPACT – Executive Management & Leadership Program and our company-adapted educations.



The EFL team

The EFL team comprises leading educators, researchers, subject-matter experts and instructional designers. Our connections with the Lund University School of Economics and Management and the business community allow us to create the best conditions for your development. At  Leading Change – Successful Change Leadership,  we’ll have a hand-picked team to ensure you get all the latest insights from both research and best practices. Read more about the EFL team 


Target group

Leading Change – Successful Change Leadership has a broad target group – those involved in change at a management level. Your challenges should preferably be of a strategic nature (in other words, changes that impact your organization’s offering, key processes and key stakeholders). For example, you could be a member of your organization’s management team and have ultimate responsibility – or you could be a project manager or line manager in a commercial organization or in a municipality or government agency.  

EFL’s IMPACT teaching method

Under EFL’s IMPACT teaching method, you primarily learn based on your own real-life strategic challenges and develop tools tailored to you and your organization’s specific needs. The program will give you an experience-based skills boost and familiarize you with new methods for developing business models supported by new technology. 

We combine theory, current research and exercises with hands-on tips and advice to jointly create a powerful combo of tools and abilities for identifying, assessing and delivering tangible business development projects that strengthen and develop your business. 


The program will be held once a year, starting and ending in the fall. The program comprises a total of 9 full days divided across 3 modules each with 3 consecutive full days in residential session format once a month. 

Fall 2024 dates: 

Start 2024: October 16

Module 1: 16-18 October
Module 2: 13-15 November
Module 3: 11-13 December


Venue in Skåne

Program fee

SEK 57,500
Members of  EFL Business Network have 10% discount on the program fee.

Prices are listed exclusive of VAT. Residential session costs (meals and accomodationsare not included. The costs of the residential sessions are estimated to be SEK 6,000–6,500 per session and will be invoiced separately after they are incurred. 


The program is normally offered in Swedish. If English-speaking participants are enrolled in the program, both English and Swedish can be used during the program.


EFL can also hold this program in a form tailored to your business. Select all or part of the program, and add additional parts if you want to work on more topics. We’ll fully tailor the experience to your needs. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation dialogue on how we can design a tailored program for you by calling +46 (0)46 – 222 68 50 or emailing