New times create new opportunities

In a business landscape characterized by rapid technological progress, adapting and exploring new opportunities is a necessity for many organizations to retain or increase their competitiveness. Developing new business while managing existing operations is a challenge now being faced by many management teams. 

The difference now is that the pace of change is much faster, and organizations are rarely designed to cope with this. Companies frequently find it hard to use their existing organization as a platform for bold development projects with substantial growth potential. Therefore, they need supplementary approaches, methods and tools that can both manage bold development projects under the existing organization and simultaneously increase the organization’s digital capability.


”Business innovation has given me many insights and tools that are very easy to apply in my organization. Tomas de Souza will shake up your world and give you the opportunities to realize your business or, for my part, change the way I look at my own business after running it for 15 years”

-Daniel Nilsson, vd på Henda


Business Innovation ​is one of the specialization tracks in Leading IMPACT – Executive Management & Leadership Program


Business Innovation gives you the tools  to develop change strategies and evaluate digital initiatives, build a culture of experimentation and increase your digital competence – all parameters that contribute to your organization’s digital capability. During the program, we will work on theories and models describing and explaining topics including the following:

– Strategic models and the importance of a continuously updated strategy.
– Organizational change and culture as tools for development.
– Business development methods based on developing new products and services.
– How to define and create value and offerings for customers
– Technology as an enabler for companies and their stakeholders

Business Innovation teaches you and your organization methods for digital transformation and for developing digital maturity. During the program, we will help you adopt an exploratory approach to change, which involves systematically trying new things and effectively learning from the results you achieve, both the positive and the negative. An organization’s digital maturity is developed by systematically, gradually and continuously assessing, selecting and implementing specific experiments in line with the company’s strategy. If successful, they can develop into full-scale projects – but experiments that don’t meet their goals still contribute to increasing the organization’s digital maturity.


The program comprises a total of 9 full days divided across 3 modules each with 3 consecutive full days in residential session format.

MODULE 1: Challenge – Defining strategy and creating a fit between aspirations and initiatives based on insights from customers, technology and markets​.
Example of contents: strategic models for growth, transformation and forecasting methods.

MODULE 2: Change – Transformation ​and choice of digital initiatives​, business models and portfolio. Example of contents: business models and portfolio theory.

MODULE 3: Charge ​- Mobilizing your organization to accelerate​, implement and scale digital initiatives​. Example of contents: digitalization culture, agile leadership and agile organization.

Between each module you’ll actively work on a pre-defined business opportunity. The modules are structured so you can use new insights to transform this business opportunity into a specific project.

In addition to lectures, workshops and case discussions, our IMPACT teaching method drives us to focus on key areas and challenges faced by the program participants. We will work together intensively on how theory and practice can help participants move their challenges closer to a solution.

Business Innovation is an elective module of  Leading IMPACT – Executive Management and Leadership Program 

Program team

The EFL team consists of distinguished educators, researchers, subject matter experts and educational designers. With our connections to the University of Economics in Lund and the business world, we create the best conditions for your development. At Business Innovation you will meet a hand-picked team that ensures you get the latest from the research front as well as best practice.

Program Director: Tomas de Souza

an alumni of the EFL Executive MBA program.  Tomas is a business design and development consultant with a strong focus on making future business potential tangible and attainable for both new and traditional businesses. His most recent prior position was Director of Innovation for Bonnier News, where he was responsible for the development of new products and services for the media conglomerate. 


Anna Brattström

Anna Brattström is a researcher in innovation, people, trust and culture. Anna is, among other things, docent in entrepreneurship at Lund University and has been a visiting researcher at Stanford University. Anna is also involved as a teacher and lecturer at EFL’s tailor-made courses.


EFL’s IMPACT teaching method

Under EFL’s IMPACT teaching method, you primarily learn based on your own real-life strategic challenges and develop tools tailored to you and your organization’s specific needs. The program will give you an experience-based skills boost and familiarize you with new methods for developing business models supported by new technology. 

We combine theory, current research and exercises with hands-on tips and advice to jointly create a powerful combo of tools and abilities for identifying, assessing and delivering tangible business development projects that strengthen and develop your business. 

Target group

Business Innovation is designed for those involved in change and development. Your challenges should preferably be of a strategic nature (in other words, changes that impact your organization’s offering, key processes or key stakeholders). For example, you could be a member of your organization’s management team and have ultimate responsibility – or you could be a project manager or line manager in a commercial organization or in a municipality or government agency.


The program will be held once a year, starting and ending in the fall. The program comprises a total of 9 full days divided across 3 modules each with 3 consecutive full days in residential session format once a month.

Fall 2024 dates: 
Module 1: 25-27 September
Module 2: 23-25 October
Module 3: 27-29 November


Venue in Skåne

Tailor made

EFL can also carry out this training in a business-adapted form. Select all or parts of the training, add additional parts if you want to cover more themes. We adapt completely to your needs.

You are welcome to contact us for an unconditional dialogue about how we can design such an arrangement on 046 – 222 68 50 or

Program fee

SEK 57,500
Members of  EFL Business Network have 10% discount on the program fee.

Prices are listed exclusive of VAT. Residential session costs (meals and accomodationsare not included. The costs of the residential sessions are estimated to be SEK 6,000–6,500 per session and will be invoiced separately after they are incurred. 


The program is normally offered in Swedish. If English-speaking participants are enrolled in the program, both English and Swedish can be used during the program.