Building on the Executive MBA, EFL launches next-generation executive management program Leading IMPACT 

EFL has built on its highly popular Executive MBA program to launch a next-generation executive management program. The new program, Leading IMPACT – Executive Management and Leadership Program, refines our teaching concept to create significant impact for both the participants and the organizations they represent. The first edition of the 15-month program will kick off in October with management, leadership, strategy and business development in focus.  

For over 20 years, EFL has successfully delivered the Executive MBA program in partnership with the Lund University School of Economics and Management

For over 20 years, EFL has successfully delivered the Executive MBA program in partnership with the Lund University School of Economics and Management. The program enjoyed great popularity with broad-based support from the business community of southern Sweden, helping EFL make a name for itself as “the region’s go-to career school”. The program was retooled in 2012–2013 to incorporate a new educational approach that closely linked the program to the real-life strategic challenges faced by the participants’ companies, which was a big hit.

In spring 2018, Lund University signaled a desire to go in a more formalized direction to perhaps make the Executive MBA a for-credit academic course over time, making it more difficult to build on EFL’s unique educational approach.
“The market feedback we have received leaves no doubt about the great demand for a high-level executive program closely rooted in the real-life challenges of companies in accordance with the model we developed and refined over more than 20 years,” says EFL CEO Henrik Lundgren. “The idea to take our concept in this direction emerged when a handful of the participants who had signed up for the fall 2019 program gave us feedback that they could not find any teaching methodologies similar to EFL’s in the executive program market.”

Tony Åkesson, Director of Leading IMPACT at EFL

EFL has developed what it calls a next-generation executive management program, with even greater focus on a leadership program tailored to real-life challenges and business development that lays the foundation for tangible impact for both the individual participants and their organizations. EFL’s concept has now been taken to the next level, and Leading IMPACT will begin on October 9. The program’s main purpose is to develop organizations and create better leaders along the way.
“We’re building on our successful core concept, in which most of the learning is grounded in real-life strategic challenges faced by each participant’s organization. But we are also taking this concept to the next level with an even stronger focus on impact,” says Tony Åkesson, Director of Leading IMPACT at EFL.

In a unique and credible manner, Leading IMPACT offers a range of techniques, strategies and structures for truly linking and integrating learning with the company’s continuous change and development.
“We know that the key to achieving impact is to avoid leaving everything learned in the mind of just one person. Instead, this knowledge must be passed on and spread to many people throughout the organization. One example of a tangible solution to this is backing up each participant with an IMPACT team on the home front. Leading IMPACT has a design that guarantees participants will be equipped with well-ingrained personal and strategic leadership skills along with the capabilities and approaches required to lead IMPACT,” says Tony Åkesson.

EFL CEO Henrik Lundgren

The new program packs a one-two punch with an IMPACT core component and elective specializations. Initially, the specializations offered will be Leading Change and Leading Innovation and Strategy, and more will be added later.
“The elective specializations will be taken to a higher level, serving as a bridge to past Executive MBA alumni who want to come back to us and build on their expertise in the latest hot topics,” says EFL CEO Henrik Lundgren. “With Leading IMPACT and our other offerings, EFL will continue to play the role of a hub that brings together and develops our region’s decision-makers, providing a strong network in business development and management.”


The Leading IMPACT executive management program at a glance

  • Leading IMPACT starts on October 9
  • Individual information meetings are offered (sign up)