EFL’s IMPACT teaching method – a model for impact in your organization 

The EFL model has been successfully applied and refined over 20 years in the Executive MBA program in partnership with the Lund University School of Economics and Management. Now EFL is taking its IMPACT teaching method to the next level. At this fall’s launch of Leading IMPACT – Executive Management & Leadership Program, we’ll bring participants and their organizations even closer together for the highest possible return on their investment in the program. “The Leading IMPACT teaching method offers a unique range of techniques, strategies and structures for truly linking and integrating learning with the organization’s continuous change and development,” says Tony Åkesson, Director of Leading IMPACT.

A major focus of the IMPACT method is to develop leaders and their organizations at the same pace and create the best possible conditions for impact. Leading IMPACT – Executive Management & Leadership Program lasts 15 months and is based on a teaching method that integrates the challenges faced by the participants’ organizations.
“Today’s business landscape is complex and in constant flux, which sets the bar high for management programs in terms of being dynamic and adaptable. We make sure participants bring their organizations the highest possible return on their investment in the program. This is an absolutely crucial parameter,” says Tony Åkesson, Director of Leading IMPACT at EFL.

Tony Åkesson, Director of Leading IMPACT at EFL

One of the teaching approaches used to stimulate environments for creating impact is for every participant to form an impact team on the home front within their organization prior to starting the program.
“The impact are a successful means of involving the participants’ organizations in the investment they’ve made in the program and spreading the seeds of the business development that takes place in the program,” says Tony Åkesson.

EFL applies a fifty-fifty principle in the program. According to Tony Åkesson, this principle has multiple dimensions:
“We aim to have an agenda set 50 percent by program management and 50 percent by participants. Additionally, program management should come 50 percent from academia and 50 percent from our networks in industry. An example of those in the latter half is successful alumni from the EFL Executive MBA program.”

EFL’s strong alumni network is tapped frequently to ensure that Leading IMPACT will always be on the cutting edge.
“The program has an advisory board consisting of prominent alumni from the EFL Executive MBA program and the EFL Management and Corporate Governance program (Styrelseprogram). We also have a broad network bank of management and leadership experts that will serve as executive coaches for the program participants,” Tony Åkesson explains. “The Leading IMPACT journey begins as early as the admission interview when each participant is assigned an executive coach to serve as a sounding board and sparring partner throughout the program. With our innovative teaching method, we’re starting a new generation of executive management programs.”

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