“I want to grow in my leadership role” 

Pernilla Lyberg, who will begin attending Leading IMPACT this fall, is driven by thinking outside the box and by daring to try new approaches to achieving goals. These are great assets in her role as product and marketing manager at Skånetrafiken.  Beginning on October 9, she will have a new challenge on her agenda: 15 months at EFL’s premier executive leadership and management program. We interviewed Pernilla about her expectations and thoughts leading up to the start of the program. 

So, you work as the product and marketing manager at Skånetrafiken.
That’s right! I’ve been working as the product and marketing manager at Skånetrafiken since April 2018. Our mission is to advance public transportation in Skåne to gain more market share over cars and to increase customer satisfaction. It’s an important mission I’m proud of, one that has a huge impact on many people’s everyday lives given that we have about 300,000 passengers a day. 

What qualities are important for succeeding in your role?
For my role, they were looking for a driven and innovative person who could think in new ways about both product development and customer offerings. They also needed a new manager with an entrepreneurial profile who would be inspired by creating value for customers through social innovation and sustainable travel. As a person, I have the ability to think outside the box and dare to try new approaches to achieving goals, which makes a good fit for this role. 

How would you describe your leadership style?
I’m part of Skånetrafiken’s management team and I manage managers. As far as my leadership style goes, I would describe it as coaching, which I do for both managers and employees. 

What did your career look like before you started at Skånetrafiken?
In total, I have over 20 years of experience working in sales, marketing and leading employees towards a goal. I started my career in the tourism industry, first in the tour operator sector as a sales rep and then as a sales manager at hotels in both the UK and Scandinavia. At the end of 2010, I took on the task of developing and running events at Swedbank Stadion – now Stadion. Four years later I took an additional step forward in the role of Malmö Aviation’s regional manager and was there when BRA was founded. 

You’ll begin Leading IMPACT on October 9. Why did you choose this program?
The program was recommended to me by my manager, traffic director Linus Eriksson, who previously attended EFL’s Executive MBA. Upon comparison with a variety of other programs, Leading IMPACT turned out to be the best fit for me. One reason is that during the program you can work on cases from your own organization, and then get constructive feedback and help from the other program participants, coaches and instructors – something that both benefits Skånetrafiken and develops my own abilities. I similarly look forward to contributing my knowledge, experience and ability to think outside the box when it comes to other participants’ cases. 

And why did you choose Leading IMPACT in particular over other management programs at a similar level?
I had heard great things about EFL’s Executive MBA, which the Leading IMPACT training evolved from. The structure that allows you to choose different specializations also appeals to me. Work-wise the schedule of three days a month suits me well, plus the fact that the days are consecutive and in a different location so that I can focus on my studies. 

What are your expectations?
That I will grow as a manager and leader, and that I will make a lot of new contacts as I get to know other participants, coaches and instructors. I hope that I’ll learn a lot outside my own area over the course of the program, which will help me develop my abilities and broaden my horizons. 

What skills do you hope to develop during the program?
I’m looking forward to learning more about business development and new technologies, strategies and structures so I can better help Skånetrafiken to grow in a meaningful way. For me personally, I think this program will give my professional development a boost by making me even more secure in my role and thus a better leader and manager. 

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