Kickoff for Leading IMPACT 

– The next-generation executive management program is here 

As the fall sun shined on Klippan, you could feel the participants’ anticipation like sparks of energy in the air as EFF’s new executive management program  Leading IMPACT  kicked off its first three-day module. “Proud traditions in new packaging” is what EFL CEO Henrik Lundgren called Leading IMPACT in his welcome message to the program participants, who will embark on the 15-month maiden voyage of this next-generation management and leadership program. 

Mats Boström, Emma Järund, Peter Södergren, Charbel Tawk, Charlotta Gyland, Thomas Kalling, Petra Rapp, Thomas Röriksson, Adam Jomaa, Thekla Schneede, Pernilla Lyberg, Julia Larsson, Adriana Sava, Anna Quist, Dan Laursen

A fundamental concept of Leading IMPACT is that both the rate of change and unpredictability are high. Old “truths” must be called into question so that new ideas can be developed and put to the test. Terminology and tools must be supplemented with a search for other perspectives, other ways of reasoning and new solutions for companies and management to innovate and develop in order to stay competitive and relevant in the markets of today and tomorrow. 

EFL brings more than 50 years of experience to the executive education market and a track record spanning over 20 years of successfully delivering Executive MBA programs in partnership with the Lund University School of Economics and Management – a foundation EFL has now used to take the next step in developing the next-generation executive management program.
“Over the years, we have developed and refined this type of teaching method, but now we’re launching the 3.0 version of it. The market’s response has been highly positive,” says EFL CEO Henrik Lundgren, who called Leading IMPACT “proud traditions in new, cutting-edge packaging” in his welcome message to the program participants. 

Leading IMPACT creates a clear link between the program participants and their own organizations that aims to foster learning while developing, testing and challenging tools for leaving lasting strategic impressions in a close participant-organization symbiosis. Therefore, the program features an impact challenge, a strategic challenge around which program participants structure their learning, while participants have an impact team within their organization to support the learning process on the home front. Each participant is also assigned an impact coach – someone usually handpicked from EFL’s Executive MBA alumni, with experience from similar types of challenges to those facing the program participant.
“We’re taking the opportunity to fully launch teaching ideas we’ve been working on to a varying degree in our Executive MBA program and other programs. Leading IMPACT is a major step forward in the same direction. We’re shifting focus from education to development,” Henrik Lundgren concludes. 

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