“Strategy and reflection that will benefit the organization”

On October 9, Peter Södergren, head of operations at Adult Psychiatry Kristianstad in Region Skåne, will start attending EFL’s Leading IMPACT – Executive Management & Leadership Program. With a long track record as a manager, he is looking forward to strategic leadership training that will closely tie in with the work at his organization. 

Peter has worked in psychiatry since 1986. Over the past 16 years he has headed teams and units and is now head of operations at the municipal and regional level. He also has extensive experience as a psychiatric nurse specialist along with a master’s degree in healthcare science and in human resource management. 

In the fall, Peter will begin the Leading IMPACT program. We spoke briefly with him to get his thoughts on his choice of program and his expectations. 

Hi, Peter. What made you decide to enroll in Leading IMPACT?
I was looking into several management programs, but since I had a decent amount of managerial and leadership training under my belt, I wanted a somewhat more strategic program. The content and structure of Leading IMPACT meet my needs and wishes. And I’m happy that the program is linked to real-life operations where you get to work on the challenges you’re currently struggling with. This gives you both immediate benefits and long-term improvement. Another thing that differentiated the program is the personal coach you get who guides you every step of the way. 

In addition, I think I received a well-executed personal presentation of the program and of the opportunity it offers for designing the program content and structure according to each participant’s needs. 

What are your expectations?
Knowledge, fresh perspectives and reflection. I also look forward to exchanging knowledge with other participants and to sharing my own experiences and challenges. 

What would you like to develop by participating in the program?
Strategy and reflection that will benefit the organization, so that I can make as wise choices and decisions as possible in the highly complex organization I work in. 

Leading IMPACT – Executive Management & Leadership Program