The Leading IMPACT start date is approaching – a few spaces are still left 

EFL’s leadership and management program Leading IMPACT is set to kick off on October 9. We’ve got a strong starting field of participants at the starting line ready for action, but there are still a few spaces left before the program will be fully enrolled. We had a chat with Leading IMPACT Program Director Thomas Kalling to hear his thoughts. 

How are things looking for the start of Leading IMPACT?
 They’re looking good! We have an excellent mix of individuals, roles, companies and industries, which is of the utmost importance for the participants to get the most out of a management program of this caliber. Those of us working on the Leading IMPACT team are excited about the strong starting field and are confident that the participants will find each other’s experiences enriching. Our sharp team of instructors is eager and ready to start working with this talented group of participants! 

What are the participants’ expectations?
Their expectations of EFL are sky high! And that’s naturally the way it should be considering our track record and the fact that our participants have chosen to invest much time and money in our program. EFL will keep its promise to give the participants what they need to create an immediate impact in each of their businesses. Over 15 months we will work together with our participants with a focus on honing their abilities to develop companies, while also strengthening their individual profiles as part of the journey.  

Is it still possible to apply for the program?
 Yes, we’re admitting applicants on an ongoing basis and there are still spaces left for the start of the program. We have a strong starting field in place and look forward to getting started on October 9. If anyone is interested in joining us, I recommend that they contact EFL as soon as possible given that we only have a few spaces left. 

Leading IMPACT

EFL’s flagship program, Leading IMPACT, delivers a major skills boost in strategic leadership, business development and innovative thinking.

The program, which starts on October 9, has a concept and teaching method developed and refined from our Executive MBA program, which was provided in partnership with the Lund University School of Economics and Management for 20 years.

Over 15 months, we’ll help you address the challenges you face as the leaders of today and tomorrow.

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