“We need to have the best leadership!”

With an aim to develop her leadership and strategic thinking, Anna Quist, Product and Process Manager at Sparbanken Skåne, will begin Leading IMPACT – Executive Management & Leadership Program on October 9. 

Over 15 months, the participants of EFL’s flagship program, Leading IMPACT, will gain the tools to address the challenges faced by the leaders of today and tomorrow. And these challenges are numerous for those, like Anna Quist, who work in an industry that is undergoing rapid change in several areas. On October 9, Anna will be one of the participants coming together at the program venue in Klippan for the kickoff of Leading IMPACT. She shared a few thoughts on the upcoming start of the program. 

Hello Anna. Please tell us about Sparbanken Skåne and what it’s like to be the product and process manager.
“Sparbanken Skåne now has a presence across most of Skåne, and we create a successful region to operate in together with our customers. We are the largest savings bank in Sweden, but I’m proud to say that we never lost our local focus. My job is to maintain overall responsibility for the bank’s processes, such as our offerings for savings, payment services and insurance. It’s an intense job involving contact with many people both within and outside of the bank.” 

What qualities are important to succeed in your role?
“Being able to grasp and think through change, and being able to see needs and solutions. The banking industry is in the midst of an intense transformation phase. Many challenges lie ahead, from both international regulations and customer demand. My role demands that I be very open-minded and capable of making decisions but also of reassessing previous decisions. An agile way of working, simply put.” 

How would you describe your leadership style?
“I have great faith in our team and seek to create the conditions for my employees to work independently. My employees are mostly specialists who are brilliant in their respective areas, while I see myself as more of a generalist responsible for coordinating these skills to ensure the best possible results.” 

How was your career before you started at Sparbanken Skåne?
“My most recent prior employer was Färs & Frosta Sparbank. I worked there for five years in various positions. Before that, I worked at Folksam for ten years, gaining experience in both claims adjustment and sales.” 

You’re starting Leading IMPACT on October 9! What made you choose Leading IMPACT?
“The main reason is that I want to continue developing, in terms of both my leadership and strategic thinking. I looked into several options for this kind of program and EFL was the best fit for me. It’s a renowned and well-established provider. I also live in Lund, so it’s nice and close. 

And why did you choose Leading IMPACT over other management programs at the same level?
“I like the way participants incorporate their organization’s business into the theoretical perspectives. As mentioned, the entire banking industry faces major challenges, with competition coming from several directions. As a result, I must also broaden my leadership perspectives for the future.  We must adapt to a world in constant flux. To attract the best employees, we also need to have the best leadership, which will ultimately be required to help ensure the best possible results for our customers.” 

What do you look forward to most in the program?
“I look forward to gaining new perspectives on how I can develop my leadership style and also obtain practical tools for the bank’s continuing change journey. The program gives me an opportunity for personal networking outside of the banking industry as well. It’ll be really interesting to learn from others’ experiences, the way they view their challenges and perhaps also their take on the outlook for my industry.” 


”The clear rooting in reality appealed to us” – Interview with Anders Österberg, Deputy Managing Director at Sparbanken Skåne, as Anna Quist prepares to start Leading IMPACT