Ten ways social media has changed your customers and how to adapt

Is social media right for your brand? In most cases, there is no definitive answer. Whether your company uses social media or not, or whether you see value in it or not, one thing is clear: Over the past decade developments online have fundamentally changed our customers. As marketers, it’s our job to respond and adapt. In this talk we will explore ten ways that the internet has changed consumer behavior and how brands can generate a competitive advantage by adapting to these changes.


Sean Duffy
is the founder of The Duffy Agency, a branding agency with offices in Malmö and Boston. The Duffy Agency specializes in international marketing communication and brand strategy. Before starting The Duffy Agency in 2001, Sean served as Creative Director at Lowe Brindfors in Stockholm and before that as Creative Director for Knight Advertising in San Francisco.

Veronika Tarnovskaya
PhD, Associate Professor at the School of Academic and Management, has been working as an active researcher in international marketing and branding with the focus on emerging markets since 2002. Veronika has been responsible for several marketing courses at the masters level.