Från Aleppo till Trelleborg AB

Mohammed Haj Rabah är syrianen som via EFLs integrationsprojekt fick en fot in på Trelleborg AB. Mohammed berättar om sin bakgrund, sina upplevelser från integrationsprojektet och framtiden.

Henrik Lundgren, VD för EFL, tillsammans med Mohammed Haj Rabah

What new skills and experience has the course given you?
I have learned much of how global organizations are functioning in Sweden specifically and in Europe in general. From the process of decision making, to the process of learning from their past, to building their own business culture while paying a close attention to the business environment and seeking always to enhance it.

What were your best takeaways?
I won’t be exaggerating if I said every single lecture, specially auditing and internal control lectures, performance measurements, marketing & branding, organizational behavior, and of course the eye opening of the Swedish economy history, not to forget the Swedish business law for sure. However, the most important benefit was to be activated again as an economist. You simply forget about your specialization when you are trying to protect your family, survive and minimize damages. Working at Trelleborg AB was a great opportunity and I’m very grateful to EFL for opening this chance. I feel so honored to have contact with them.

Tell us about your background
I am a Syrian from Deeazzour originally but lived, studied and worked in Aleppo. My father is a mechanical engineer and my mother is an elementary school teacher. I have five sisters, one is a dentist, two pharmacists, an agriculture engineer, and an English teacher. I’ve studied economics for four years, with a specialty in accounting. I worked in Sheraton Hotel as corporate sales executive, VIP customer officer at Islamic bank, Sales coordinator of north and west area at Somfy (a French company that manufactures smart home’s solutions), and when the company closed its offices because of the disturbances, I worked as an operation manager in construction company, until my income became real low, then I had an extra job as a part-time business administration lecturer for a private school. After that things got complicated because I applied as an administrative assistant in UHCR, so I had to leave. My wife is a lecturer in telecommunication engineering, she had registered as PHD student in Aleppo university. She is still perusing her dream here, even though that it is much harder now.

How did you come in contact with EFL?
The employment office advised me to visit Vägledningscentrum i Malmö, there was a nice lady who advised me to attend a lecture about Malmö högskola after few days, I wasn’t so sure if I should attend or not, but I went anyway, and she was standing there waiting for me with a newspaper in her hand telling me that I should contact EFL. I went to Arbetsförmedlingen to ask about it, and my handläggare helped me to contact EFL and Trelleborg AB.

Now it’s been a while since the program ended – what has happened since then?
During my internship, my mentors at EFL and Trelleborg AB advised me to look for jobs that requires advanced users of Microsoft office products combined with economical knowledge, and that there is a demand in the Swedish job market for such roles.

The HR executive in Trelleborg AB, asked me if I was interested in one-month employment as business analyst, it got extended five times so far. I have great managers, great colleagues, and great work place.

I’ve learned a lot from my manager, and I feel so happy that she trusts my skills. Thanks to her continuous engorgement, I feel kind of proud of what I achieved so far in a considerably short time.

Meanwhile I managed to finish the first advanced level in Swedish, and started SVA02 which I expect to finish in March. At the same time, I am still looking for job opportunities.